Baby Big Boy Jenson.

You are too cute!!
You are ONE!
I enjoyed seeing you for all of 15 minutes...
no kidding.
It was cold.
You were tired.
And let's not forget...
I looked scary with that big black thing in front of my face.

Your favorite Mickey soothed you, though.

And as long as mommy stayed very near.
You even smiled...a little.

Mom told me that you were the happiest baby ever.
And I can see why she is so in love with you!

And after you decided you were done with me.
Done with the cold.
Done with all this nonsense.
You wanted to move along...
back to grandma and grandpa's for a visit.

Happy 1st Birthday Jenson!
You are adorable...
crying and all!

Thanks Tera for coming all this way to see me!
I had so much fun taking these pictures!
Really, I did!