Baby Briggs...6 months old already!

Do you remember baby Briggs??
Of course, you do! How could you forget a face like that?! And those bright blue eyes?! He was only 3 months old precious.

I was also asked to document his 6 month milestone. It's always good to have a returning customer, especially when it means I get to watch these little ones grow!

I am so excited to share these pictures with you! He is such a handsome little chunk! Be forewarned, viewing these may cause you to have extreme baby fever...or maybe just me.

He can sit up now and has the cutest rolls...

Look how his little cheeks have filled out...I'm sure they are kissed frequently.

He thinks his mom and auntie are a little out there, but that didn't stop him from laughing.

It took him only seconds to figure out that the baby in the mirror would smile back.

Isn't this the cutest hat ever?! It sure caught Briggs attention. His Auntie is somethin' else when it comes to knitting!

Yummmm. Forget the baby in the mirror, this is interesting!

Ankle rolls, chubby toes...

Babies, overalls, and no shirt...sigh.

Love, love, love these eyes!

He has a tooth. One tooth. He worked very hard on it.

And this is my absolute favorite picture. Why didn't I take pictures of my own kids sooner? I could frame this for myself and claim him as my own.

I have been practicing with textures and frames...I really like how this one turned out. Wait. Who am I kidding? I LOVE how this one turned out! There is something about an old photo that tells a great story...and so does this picture.

Thanks again Clay and Mariah for asking me to take these pictures! I enjoyed every moment of it!

new experience.

I was asked to take pictures of a motorcycle...It was my first time photographing a still life that was SO shiny! I can honestly say I learned a lot about still images and clear coats on newly painted motorcycles.

#1 Don't wear your sky blue scrubs from work to take the pictures in outdoors because your reflection can be seen in all images!
#2 Make sure your kids are NOT staring into the fender at the same time you are shooting. They WILL show up.
#3 Dust is a clear coats enemy. Choose a non-dusty road to have pictures taken at.

This was my favorite picture from the session. The guy that painted this is an incredibly talented artist at JostruX. I would show you more pictures of the actual artwork, but to get the full effect you must visit his website to see all the updated pictures of his latest piece of work. You will be amazed. He also does upholstery and I have an antique rocker that is his calling his name. I am SO excited to get it reupholstered and showcase it in the new house (if it's ever done, the house that is).

If I only had his talent...oh, the thinks I could think. Name that author...we've read it too many times today.

Free Photoshop Actions.

I have recently come across some really great blogs that offer a ton of freebies for Photoshop that include brushes, frames, textures, clipping masks, fonts, layer masks, and many tutorials. As a thank you to these generous artists for their time and talent I would like to link them to share with you. It's always nice to leave them a comment to say 'thanks' or even to send a quick email to share your creations you've made with their help. Just click on the pictures below for a direct link to their blog! If you find any of these blogs helpful I would love to hear about it and see your creations!

And this one, well, it's not free, BUT, it is a GREAT website for learning! I'm NOT kidding! I know I have a few of you out there in blogland that are passionate photography enthusiast just like me. JOIN this site! They have forums with every kind of tutorial imaginable, constructive critique of any photo you want advice on, lessons, and challenges. They have photography vendors that offer amazing discounts to members and donate big prizes for contests. Many, many galleries to browse also. Just click on the link below or the one in the upper left hand corner of my blog. They also have a special right now for $5 off a new member if you enter the code FRIEND while signing up!! So go, right now, and sign up!

Clickin' Moms

I have a quite a few more photography blogs that I like to check in on every now and then, so if you found this post helpful let me know and I will post some more links! Enjoy!