Last fall session.

This was my last fall session of the year.
And how blessed were we to have an absolutely gorgeous day!
The weather was near 60, no wind, and we had an awesome setting sun.

You've met this family before here.
Remember Lila and Bridget?

Lila wasn't sure of me...
that's ok.
We all need time to warm to a lady that's sticking a
camera in your face.
Bridget remembered me though.
And had a super smile waiting for me. 
Isn't she a doll?

Lila's still warming up...

Here we go!
Lila just needed mom and sister to do a little dance behind me.

A few nights before we took pictures we had some strong
winds come through this area...
I was afraid that all the leaves would be gone...
just a few of the trees had color left.
Thank you Bald Cypress for your golden orange.

I love these hats!
Their mom found them at a flee market.
They have such a great vintage feel to them.

Daddy with his girls.
I think this picture explains just what dads are all about.
Laughs, giggles, and wresting.

And little Lila is going to be turning 2 here any day.
Happy Birthday Lila!
You sure are a cutie!

And one of my favorites from the evening.

Thank you Jeremy and Kassy for letting me be apart of creating
memories for you. I hope you love the pictures!

Has it been 3 months??

Can it be that Maddox is already 3 months old??
It literally feels like last week that I was taking his newborn pictures!!

It apparently can be.
He IS 3 months old already.
Bright eyed and chubby cheeked.

Such a handsome little guy.
I found myself wanting to kiss his cheeks...
Motherly instinct?
But then I caught myself...
and instead smelled the top of his head ☺
Tracy's probably never going to let me near him again...

Baby drool...
I love this picture.
And think that's why I do.
Not the drool,
but that it captures just what babies at this age are best at.

SUCH a sweet smile!
At mom, of course.

And since we needed an updated family picture in time for the 
holidays...we did just that. 

This one is MY FAVORITE from the session.
I love everything about it.
The yellow leaves, brick road,
pink and black combo, and Maddox fast asleep
through it all.


Just because I have been at the computer most of the afternoon...

I had to share with you what has made me literally laugh out loud more than once.
My favorite is the last one where Quin apparently was desperate for a kleenex ☺
If you missed the families original post (the keepers) click here.

Thanks Carisa for being a sport
and allowing me to post these!

Funky Four.

I have made you wait nearly a week Carisa!!
My neglected housekeeping can wait 10 more minutes...
Landen is helping out with some of the details that Nick and Nate missed.

Here are a few of your pictures!!
I have to say...that I love them all.
I really LOVE them all!

How can you not adore these smiles?!?
It's impossible...

Oh Em....
such a great 1st grade smile!
Did anyone else notice the hat??
Her mom has knitted hats for nearly everyone in town...
and she even found time to make special ones for her girls!

What happened?!
You look like SUCH a big girl here!
I guess you are turning the 
BIG 0-3 next week...

This is one of my favorites...

And this one too!
Poor Quin...
they let her have it.
And I think they were enjoying it.
Just look at her dad's face...

The November sun has made for some really beautiful shots this year.
How is it that we have been so blessed with this warm fall here?!

Carisa, I really hope we captured some moments that you can cherish
and your family can cherish many years from now.
You have a beautiful family!