I had two 6 month old babies in my home on Saturday within 2 hours of each other.
They were so cute.
So sweet.
Both boys.
It made my baby fever worse to say the least.

Gage was a very content baby after a little cereal.
Full tummies make happy babies for pictures.
Don't you love this shirt?!
I think he looks so grown up ☺

Gage, I am sure your dad will love this picture...
both Nick and Nate thought it was awesome!

I LOVE his smile!
So precious.

And instead of showing you my first favorite (which is a gift...stink! It's beautiful!)...
I will show you my second favorite.
I just want to pick him up and kiss on him.
Can you tell I have a thing for kissing babies??
Landen is telling me he is NOT a baby anymore...
I love to kiss baby cheeks.

Thanks Megan for making the trip down to see me!
And a special thanks to Aunt Amy for getting all the smiles!

Chubby cheeks.

Oh Maddox...
have your cheeks  you ever grown!
6 months already?!

And TWO teeth?!

You are SO precious!
And soon you will be on the move...I'm sure.

And with looks like this it's no wonder your mom can't resist your every whimper.
Although, you are probably the happiest baby I have EVER seen!
So content...a mother's dream.

Can't wait to see you at 9 months Maddox!
You are too cute with those cheeks.
Perfect for kissing.

Beckett, Beckett.

Beckett, Beckett you are too cute at 9 months!!
I love your BIG blue eyes and brown hair...

You have been one of the happiest babies to photograph.
Full of smiles!!
Not one tear!

Love the overalls.

My favorite...

Just look at those rolls!!
Don't you just want to squeeze him?
I did squeeze him.
A few times.
Then tried to keep him.

Thanks Rick and Lindsey for coming to my house
and putting up with my very helpful children.
And most importantly for asking me to take Beckett's pictures!

Also a special THANKS to Stef Roth Photography for rescuing me
and letting me borrow her lens when mine broke!!!