Megan...this is for you.

No, not for me.
For Gage's mommy.
I wish he was mine.
And I tried to keep him.
His mommy is kind of fond of him...
daddy too.
So trying to keep him didn't work out so hot.

He was one day shy of being 3 weeks old.
Such a little snuggler.

He had a rough trip here to visit.
Hungry and car seat just don't mix.

So when he arrived he got a little snack.
Then out like a light.

I flipped him one way, then another...
and then another.

He really didn't seem to mind it all.

He was out...
for all of 8 minutes.

And then...

He was wide awake.

Hello, Gage.
How was your cat nap?

And if you know the family at all...
then you know that this picture describes it all.
The newest littlest biggest fan.

CONGRATS Tim and Megan!
We love you guys and could not be happier for you!

I hope you like the pictures!

Hats courtesy of A Little Knitting!


Meet Maddox.

11 days old.

He is an itty bitty little nugget.

Don't you LOVE these lips?!?

He only peeked at me a few times...

He really didn't care that I was moving him all about.

A few yawns here and there.

Then right back to sleep.

Isn't he just the sweetest thing?

I know Reese and Cooper think so.

Congrats Ryan and Tracy!
I hope you enjoy the pictures!

You can find hats like Maddox's at A Little Knitting.

Lauren... Senior 2011

Senior Pictures!!
With many schools starting back up this week,
it's the perfect time to share with you Lauren's session.

Isn't she beautiful!?!

I had so much fun getting to know her.
I think she thought I was......old?
I felt old anyway.
This was such a fun session though!

She was up for just about anything...
she even followed me through tall itchy grass, mosquitoes,
and probably a few hidden snakes.

I think this may be one of my favorites... might be this one...

Lauren you were super brave to lay down in this grass ☺

I was also super excited that Lauren had her high school sweetheart along...

I was able to grab a few pictures of them together.

This is my favorite of the two of them.
I remember that I had Nick in my senior pictures....
we were big dorks though.
And our pictures were not near as cool.

Lauren, I hope you have an amazing senior year
and that you like the pictures ☺


I met MaryEllen when I started working at the hospital 6 years ago. She is a CNA (Certified Nurse Aide).
One of the most genuine and caring people I know.
Truly. The MOST genuine and caring person.
I have yet to meet someone like her.

I can't tell you how many times we joked at the hospital that if we could clone MaryEllen a million times we would be set!

Seriously, one of the hardest working, efficient, knowledgeable aides ever in the history of nursing! I'm not exaggerating her folks! She is amazing.

Not only amazing at her job, but as a mother, grandmother, wife, friend, and sister.

She is amazing.

MaryEllen recently retired this last fall.
It was long awaited for her.
Not so much by us at the hospital, who feared not having her around to keep things in order.
And we were LOST and still are at times...because she kept us together.

Sometime this spring, MaryEllen was diagnosed with a type of malignant brain tumor.
She has handle everything very well.
Her faith in the Lord is deep.

I would like to request that everyone that reads this post today and looks at the pictures say a prayer for MaryEllen and her family as they fight this battle and pray for miracles.

God IS miraculous.
The power of prayer IS powerful.

Finally! It's about time.

Landen turned two this last month and I have been trying to find an evening to take his pictures...that wasn't 100 degrees. Well, it didn't look like a cold front was in our near future, so we just ended up going for it. Heat, humidity, mosquitoes, and all.

He was in rare form this evening...happy, cooperative, did I mention happy?

The boys are both into picking me flowers right now.
They fight over who gets to give me the first flower.
I love it.

Landen is full of character.





He had been waiting so patiently for his ice cream cone.
Again, in rare form.

Cute little toes.
How old are you?
No. You are TWOOO.
It's always ONE or THREE.
Never two...

I think this is one of my favorites.

Did you say my name momma?

Always finds the water.

Look at his little elbows dripping with ice cream.
Ok, maybe he needs some water now.

My favorite part of this picture is the ice cream drips down his chubby little chest.

That's right. We're all done with pictures. Clean up buby.

***Just a couple things I want to remember***

Landen's favorite shirt right now is his monkey shirt.
He calls himself mommy's buby.
He is talking a lot these days.
He is starting to ask why.
When he wakes in the morning he has to account for every family member.
He sleeps with his monkey beach towel at night.
He has a love for tractors and semi trucks.
He doesn't like strawberries.
Choc-y milk is his ultimate favorite.
He has pooped on the potty several times.
He usually chooses to ride in daddy's truck instead of with mommy in the jeep.
I love it when he says to Nick and Nate "NO! Mommy do."
He tells us to "ooot, oooot!" (scoot) when we are in his way.

I really wish I could slow down time.
This is such a fun age.