Awhile back (a long time ago, really) I had a little giveaway and Margo over at Go-Go on the Go-Go won. We finally got around to taking pictures...of her adorable nieces and nephew.

Meet little Miss Tennessee.
Just shy of one year.
Oh my, she is precious.

Meet Korrine and John.
Brother and sister.
Both beautiful children.

It was still 105 degrees when we took these pictures at nearly 8 p.m...
the kids were nothing other than happy and cooperative.
And they drove with me to a remote little dirt road and had total faith in me.

I LOVED how these pictures turned out.

Thanks Margo being a fan of my work and following me all over in the heat, on dirt roads, where little boys fall...poor John. He was the real trooper.

Savannah and Easton.

It was 101 degrees outside still at 7:30 p.m...
and these two kiddos were willing to brave it with me for a few
adorable photos!

I am starting with my absolute favorite first this time.
I just love this picture.
I can only imagine what they are thinking. ☺

Savannah did such a great job...
not one complaint out of her about the heat or anything!

Doesn't he have one of the orneriest smiles ever?!

You would of never guessed that just seconds before this picture
was taken they were pinching each others cheeks ☺
Siblings have such a special relationship.