Paxton is 4!!
Look at that blonde hair!!
He was SO proud of his new hair cut that he kept stopping in between pictures
to feel his spiky hair...CUTE!!

Aubrey, thanks for asking me to take Pax's pictures!
He was so stinkin' adorable that night with his posing ☺

Logan and Mason {1 year}

Logan and Mason are ONE!
These two adorable little boys were so fun to work with!
They are busy.
Busy, busy, busy.
Just as they should be ☺

Thanks Eric and Danielle!
I had so much fun taking their pictures!
They are just the cutest little boys!

Dustin and Melissa.

My sister wanted a few updated photos of her and her hubby this fall.
She was following me around begging that I take them...ha!
Ok, she didn't.
But she did ask me and I was happy to oblige.

I love these two.
They make such a gorgeous couple.

Mini Sessions.

7 beautiful families.
I enjoyed getting to see each and everyone of you!
We couldn't have asked for more perfect weather either.
You each will get 2 photos on a disk...
today I just have one of each family up.
Still working in the rest of the photos.
There's a lot of faces here! ☺

Please look over your picture and let me know if you are happy with it or not.
Or if you have a specific request for a photo I may have shown you during the session.

Seth {Senior 2012}.

For disliking pictures as much as you do...
you sure take quite nice pictures!
Thank you for allowing your mom to drag you along ☺
Enjoy the rest of your senior year!

Jetta {1 year}

Little Miss Jetta just turned one!
She has some of the  biggest, brown eyes...

When mom sings Happy Birthday to you...
what else would you do, but clap? ☺

And one with her big brother and big sister!

Family of 6!

This family is our family.
I am a bit partial, but these four kiddos are adorable.
I am not just saying that...
I always think they are such sweet, lovable, cuddly, little bundles.
Everyone wanted to hold my hand and Essie even said she would come
live with me ☺

Miss Essie
Isn't she the cutest!?

Miss Ivy

Mr. Henry
Growing so handsome.

 Mr. Ervin

My favorite family picture!
I can't take any credit for this idea...
it was all Greta.
I LOVED how it turned out!

We also grabbed a few pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes.
It was fun to see how excited the kids were about their costume.
Henry was hands down the most excited.

Little Essie was not as excited as the rest ☺
Is this not the cutest crying elephant you have ever seen?

And I can't forget Baby Ervin.
He was a banana!

Thanks Greta and Tyson for driving all this way.
I know it was a long trip for all of you.
But I enjoyed every minute of seeing you guys!