Baby makes FIVE!

I have know Ryan and Tracy for some time...

they were high school sweethearts.

Baby number three is on the way.
I can't believe it!
Not the fact that they are having another...
but that time is flying and our families are growing.
It's fun to think back to high school and remember what we
were all like before becoming parents.

10 or more years ago, I never would of thought that 
I would be photographing Tracy's 3rd pregnancy!
It's amazing where life has taken us...
We both have soon-to-be first graders!
I wonder some day if they date?
Don't worry Ryan, Nick will make Nate behave himself.
We also both have two year olds...
Not for long though.
Cooper is going to be three soon!
Isn't he a cutie!?!

He is in love with his cowboy boots.
I am too.
The shorts really complete the look!

I'm not sure she could look anymore like her mom!
Gorgeous eyes.

And two of my favorites...

Precious. Simply precious.

I love this shot.
I love everything about it.

Thanks Ryan and Tracy for asking me to take these photos!
I have lots more pictures and can't wait for you to see them!

Sister Moon.

This weekend (Thursday-Sunday) I watched my niece, Adelyn (AKA Sister Moon) here.
It is so different having a girl around.
In a really good way.
We had so much fun putting her hair in piggys, painting nails, picking out dresses...

Did I mention that Landen was jealous of all our girl time?
He insisted on piggys too.
Are they not the most precious thing ever??
LOVE it.

Annndd, since she was here for 4 days, I took full advantage
of her modeling skills.

She LOVES to take pictures...unlike the boys who are tired of my camera.

She has the most beautiful brown eyes.
Grandpa's eyes.

She kept things real.

I've got these pink cowgirl boots at my house (Thanks Shanna!!).
She grabbed them right away.

This is one of my's perfect.

Aren't those piggys just so cute?

I have a TON of pictures to show you...I couldn't choose.

Yet another of my favs.
Oh, Sister look so innocent.
I know the truth.

She is really, really ornery.
In a good way though.

I love her.
I love having her around.
It was hard taking her home Sunday.

Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday!

Wow, 9 months already!

Baby Briggs is 9 months old...I have been so lucky to be a part of his first year.
It has flown by...for me anyway.
His momma might say different.
This was my third time getting to photograph him!
You can see his other sessions here and here.

He is such a happy guy.
Not too sure of the grass, but that didn't last long.
We had a hard time keeping him in one place!

Look at his eyes...and those eyelashes. Awww.
Don't you just want to kiss his cheeks?!

He's not only crawling now, but pulling himself up.
It's not going to be long and he is going to be walking.
I am confident at his one year session I will have
to run after him trying to keep up.
I better start training NOW.

And when baby Briggs is done with the grass,
done with the humidty,
done with the cheerios,
and done with me...
we just head inside his Aunt Carisa's house to play
look at Auntie outside the glass acting goofy.
Works everytime.

Thanks Mariah for asking me again to take his pictures! I love it!

And, before I forget, you need to check out this blog! Abbie's Creations is having a giveaway for a really cool tote!

Smucker Family Sneak peek.

I have been trying.
Really I have.

My boys (bless them, I love 'em) may possibly drive me to drink this week.
Is it just my kids???
Anyone? Hello?

But despite the chaos here with the wild banshees,
I am getting somewhere.

The rest to come soon...
If I'm not at the funny farm.

Beautiful Family Sneak Peek, Theatre Ad, and Giveaway.

This is one of my favorite sessions yet!

Kassy, the mom, told me that their little ones didn't do well in front of the camera...
and it didn't sound like their prior experiences had been good ones.

I came prepared for the worst and prayed for the best.

These girls were not sure of me. I mean, really, not too sure about this whole
 camera in their face, changing dresses in the park, and ME thing. 

I worked hard to get them to warm up to me...and I think I may have made a new friend or two.

When I leave a photo shoot I always have a nervous feeling in my stomach...
Did I get just what they wanted? Are my shots in focus? Will they love their pictures?

Then I get home and see pictures like this.

And this.

Then I relax and think what an absolutely beautiful family.

My favorite yet.

Thanks Jeremy and Kassy. Bridget and Lila are so precious and I think they might be warming up to me. We'll find out this fall! I hope you enjoy your pictures! I will have the disk in the mail by Friday! 


I had another one of my pictures used in an ad for Associates in Women's Health! If you remember back when I posted here I talked about the ad in the paper and one coming out soon in the Music Theatre of Wichita program for Gypsy.

Well, I finally got my hands on a copy thanks to Jenny!!
Thank you Jenny!

Here it is!

It even has my watermark on the picture!
Pretty cool, huh?
I was REALLY excited about it!
There is one more photo of mine being used for the announcement of a new doctor to the practice...
it should be mailed out sometime in July!

Believe me! I will share it with you when it arrives!


Ok, lastly...the GIVEAWAY.

To celebrate all you that have been so encouraging, inspiring, and confident in my abilities to capture great moments I am going to have a Mini Photo Session GIVEAWAY!

Anyone can enter.
Fall mini photo session just in time for Christmas cards!
One grouping (kids, family, couple, etc.) Only one.
You will receive a disk of 5 fabulous pictures.
And you must travel to me for the session.

To enter::
Leave Jeremy and Kassy some comment love on their pictures telling them what you like best.
Become a friend under "You read this?" on the left hand side if not one already.
Bonus Entry (this will get you two entries):
Link me on your blog before Sunday at 9pm CST with a comment letting me know that you linked me.

I will choose the winner via on Monday and post it!

Also, check out these two blogs, Greta and Sara! They are having giveaways for jewelry and a fun wall print!  I love giveaways!!

I hope you have a great Thursday!