Mona's Boys

This past weekend my dear friend and coworker, Mona, asked me to take some pictures of her and her boys. Despite some drenching rain and wind, I think we got a few good shots!

Mona's oldest...Isn't he a good looking guy?! Sorry ladies, he is taken.

Mona's youngest...another good looking guy! Sorry ladies, he is taken also. It's hard to stay single when your this handsome.

This is Mona and her hubby, Paul. The proud parents. And a beautiful couple I might add.

Miss Mona (that's what I call her) really wanted some pictures of her boys together before the oldest leaves for college this fall. Since I have two boys, as well, I couldn't help but imagine myself in her shoes a couple years down the road from now. I can't imagine them EVER moving out. I will need pictures too when that time comes.

They are such a fun family. They never once rolled their eyes at my crazy least not that I saw. I guess Ian kept giving me bunny ears when I wasn't looking, but hey, it got Aaron to laugh some at my lack of awareness (this is becoming more and more common for me).

The boys kept telling me that they really, really didn't care for each other...I know that deep down they love one another and just didn't want me to know it. I begged them to hug for a picture, but got a 'NO WAY' look.
Thanks Mona for asking me to take these pictures. Paul, thanks for being our chauffeur in between downpours. And Ian and Aaron, thanks for putting up with my dorkiness...I had a great time!

Flowering Trees. My favorite.

I love spring. I love signs of spring. I especially love the flowering trees.

It feels so good to welcome spring!

Twins Turn One

Oh my stars, do you remember Joe and Kora? They just turned one. I can't believe it! To celebrate the big occasion we took a few pictures to capture just how precious they are at ONE!

Isn't she darling?!

And Joe, he is too cute!

They are starting to walk, but crawling still seems to be the faster option at times.

Look at them SO big. Adorable. Joe must of found his pocket and I'm sure he is telling sister all about it.

There's nothing cuter than a baby, I mean big boy, in overalls without a shirt. Nothing.

Well, maybe so...A little girl in an overall skirt and no shirt with her brother.

What can I even say about this picture? I love it. She was so content to just stand there and pose. I really need a girl...or at least one I can barrow and dress up this cute!

He couldn't quite figure out what we were doing in a wheat field, but all you had to do was call his name and he smiled right at you.

I'm sure they thought we were crazy.

Joe wasn't fond of this hat. Doesn't he look handsome in it though?!

One of my favorites.

Joe and his hat again...Kora just couldn't figure out why we kept putting it on and running.
And this is my absolute favorite picture from the session...I'm not sure why. I just love everything about it.

Thanks Justin and Jolie for asking me to be apart of such a fun moment in time for these little ones! I can't wait to watch them grow and change even more.