Miss Jetta.

So this week has been full of babies...
babies, babies, and more babies.
Everywhere I look....babies!

I got to see this little one early in the week and
then recovered two c-sections later in the week...
and while I was waiting for the docs to close on the c-sections....
I just stared at all the little nuggets in the nursery....
then came home and stared at these pics while editing...
needless to say, Nick took one look at me and said, "I don't think so."

Meet Jetta.

She is 10 days old.

I was able to see her TWICE this week!
The first time...
she was too busy checking out her surroundings to sleep.

So we waited...
for a sleepier day.

And the second time around she was out like a light.

Don't you love little baby toes?
So soft with cute wrinkles.

Jetta's fan club.
I'm positive they are great helpers!

And with the look on Brekyn's face here...
he is quite proctective of his little sister's.
I love this one.

Congrats Micah and Amanda!!
Jetta is simply gorgeous.

The pods and knitted hat are from A Little Knitting!

Candid and Casual.

Last Saturday, we had some family visit us... they drove a couple hours just to have me take their family pictures.
Can you say pressure? ☺
There were no chances for retakes...
weather, happy kids, and timing all worked in our favor Saturday.
This is Nick's cousin...
Tyson, his wife Greta, and their little ones, Henry, Ivy, and Essie.

We also snuck in a Premier Jewelry party while Greta was here! Fun!
If only someone would come dress me every morning and tell me what to wear...
SO hard to choose! I loved all the jewelry! If you need FREE jewelry from hosting a show talk to GRETA! She'll get it for you!

Anyways, back to pictures.
Since Tyson and Greta have 3 little ones I mentioned to Greta getting
more candid and casual shots vs. posed.
I think if I had my way, and every family thought the same,
I would shoot candid all the time...
this is why.

You get precious moments like this.
Real smiles.
Real giggles.
The real deal.

Is it just me??
Does anyone else have that warm, loving, family friendly,
wanna be part of their family kind of feeling when they see this picture??
I love it!
I have been trying to figure out how I can
take a picture of my family like this.

The leaves were a big hit in the park.
If I had thought things out a little better...
I would of brought my rake.

Henry just turned 5.

So we tried to grab a few individual pictures of him.
Doesn't he have the cutest smile?!

This is my favorite of him!
There was a little candy bribe for the shot...
the pond down below was slightly intimidating when laying on the rock.
The candy did it...then I had to find way to come through on my promise...
I don't always think about that when brilliant ideas
come to me in the midst of pictures.

Oh! And if you didn't already know...
Tyson and Greta are expecting number 4!
Can't wait to find out if we have another little boy or girl in the family!

I did tell them that I would keep Essie if they decided
that four little ones got to be too much...
They laughed, but never took me up on the offer.

So what about Ivy, Greta??
I'll take her.
I need some more pink in this house
 and her chubby rosy cheeks are the just the thing.
Think about it, will ya'?

And just for fun...
this is what happens when you attempt to pose three
adorable, giggly, supper deprived kids...
funny, huh?

So we gave up and went to eat pizza!
Thanks Tyson and Greta for coming down.
We really enjoyed spending some real time with you
(not just supper at Christmas kinda thing ☺)!!

An old friend.

A big part of this whole photography thing, is that I get opportunities to
see old friends and catch-up on where life has taken them over the past few years.
My friend is NOT old, but I have known her since we were little.
And I was blessed to able to take their family pictures! 

 Brennan is their newest addition to the family.
She is a whoppin' 6 months old!

And I have to say I can definitely see her mommy in her!

She was the happiest, most content little one.
I don't think she fussed once...
except when I picked her up.

 Her daddy had no problem getting her to smile and laugh!

She thinks she is pretty big stuff here...
and she's right!
Being able to stand is BIG stuff!

I think this little girl is the center of her mom and dad's world.

A beautiful family.

Growing Big.

 I have been taking pictures of these two little ones for nearly a year now!
Can you believe it?! They are 18 months...and growing big.

Joe and Kora are mobile enough these days that it presents a challenge
keeping them together...in one spot.

Kora seems to like having
her picture taken...
Joe liked running away as
fast as his little legs would carry him.

It's great when your Aunt Jana has lots of
pots filled with potting soil for you to play in...

 I am 100% positive that Joe was not enjoying the picturing taking.
At this moment, I think he was thinking "whatEVER lady".

Kora, on the other hand, was rather content to just sit and take a break.

 These pictures were actually taken another night.
Joe was little happier with me.
I think he might of even been flirting!

And then, just like that...
Joe was done with me again.

Since Joe and I spent so much one-on-one time together...
I have to show you my favorite picture.
His pouty lip is the cutest thing ever...

Verbeck Family.

A few months ago I had a giveaway for a free mini session...
Well, the lovely lady that won that giveaway just had her session recently.
She wanted all of her family pictured for her Christmas card.
What a great idea!

Here are her photos.

I have several things to say about this mini session...

*This was a little challenging with so many little ones...I needed another person behind me jumping up and down or something. I think they kids are over me.

* I absolutely love this family and hope that mine is like theirs someday. They are always getting together and seem to truly enjoy each other's company. I kind of feel like a part of their family when I am with them.

* On the last session I posted I said it was the first time I had ever been tipped...I took these photos the same day in the evening and was given a box of chocolates and a gift certificate to The Bookstore.  How amazing is that?!

* I love this family and thank you ☺

Nater Taters Pics.

So, I told you last week that I would share some more of Nate's pictures with you...
Well, I finally have some of them done.
He chose his clothes.
Cowboy jeans, cowboy boots, button-up shirt left open.

Poor kid has my ears.

 I had this evening that I was going to spend with Nate all planned out.
We were going to go on a nature trail walk.
Just spend time together one-on-one, talk, explore, and take pictures.

Why is it that it never turns out quite like I plan??

We did end up at the nature trail....

But not alone...
not just Nate and I.

Nick was working on the house and it wasn't something
that Landen could play safely around.
So, we brought him along.
Not that I didn't want him there, but this was NOT easy to take pictures
of one and keep the other out of poison ivy.
Landen wanted his picture taken too.
And I am more than happy to capture a moment with the two of them
smiling and being kind to one another.
No hitting, yelling, fighting, tattling... 

Maybe some unintentional choking.

We did find a few things exploring...
or I should say ran into them.

And by looking at this picture one would think what a happy boy.
So cooperative.
The mosquitoes were swarming us like they hadn't had dinner in months!
Landen kept yelling, "Mito bite, Mito bite!!!!"
Nate sat here for all of 2 seconds before he started waving his arms as if
the mosquitoes might eat might him alive.

So for the rest of the nature trail walk we ran.
We ran while Nate hollered, "I am SO DONE with pictures!"
We ran while Landen yelled, "Mito bite, Mito bite!!!"
We ran while I carried everything and Landen.

Then, we got out of the wooded area and it was suddenly better.
Not great, but better.

And I captured some of my favorite pictures of the boys.

And I know this one doesn't show Nate's face,
but I really love how it turned out.

The silhouette will forever remind me of a 7 year year old boy
that was standing next to the water
watching the birds, the sunset, skipping rocks, and kicking around a dead turtle.

Oh how he loved that dead turtle...it fascinated him.