The bluest eyes. Seriously.

This is first of three photo sessions that I am going to share with you this brace yourselves, there are some really blue eyes and cute kids ahead.

And, I didn't photoshop these eyes...they are REALLY this blue. It's crazy.

Emery. Don't you love this hat?? Emery does and so do I.

Jessi. She has a heart after her moms. She's all about the flowers!

Eli. Such a good looking kid. He is going to be a heartbreaker someday.

Don't you love the dill bouquet?? It was all Jessi's idea.

Jana decided to have some fun with this picture session. Watermelon anyone?

The kids had so much fun they didn't even notice I was talking pictures!

LOOK! Here are those eyes again!

I thought this was the perfect picture to mess around with some different photo editing techniques.



Old fashioned.

And my favorite of the session. Perfect sun haze. When we started in this location it was cloudy and right before I snapped the picture out popped the sun. Perfect.
Which one is your favorite?

Jana, I had so much fun out your place taking pictures. I can't wait until Landen's 2 year pictures next month!! We are for sure headed out there!

2 Cuties.

Hailey and Quin. Brother and sister. Two cuties.

They are so sweet towards one another. Quin is especially sweet. He seemed so excited to be getting his pictures taken with his little sis, who just turned 3 last Friday!  That was part of the reason we were taking these pictures...Hailey is not fond of the camera and her mom was determined to get some adorable pictures for her wall.

I think we accomplished that. Hailey was so excited about the fun goodies her mom and dad came prepared with that she totally forgot about me.

Don't you LOVE this dress!?! When I first saw her in it all I could think was how perfect it was for pictures (and that I need girl). It's so cute!

This lolly pop was a huge hit with Hailey!

Look at that smile! I had a hard time believing that she didn't like her picture taken. She was such a ham!

I just know they are going to be great friends when they are older.

They were so easy to take pictures of! Quin wanted his picture taken with Hailey and Hailey wanted to be with Quin. Perfect.

Now for my two favorite pictures...

I absolutely LOVE this one!! I'm not sure what it is about it...their smiles, the bridge, the lighting...I think it's everything.

And this one...oh how it tugs at my heart. Quin loves his little sis and she loves him. What more could a mom want?

Thanks Pam and Chris for a fun evening at the Dyck Arboretum. I had a great time catching up with you! It had been way to long!

A Father's Day surpise.

No, not for Nick...he has something else special planned ☺

Last Wednesday evening, I hurried over to Shelly's house to quickly snap some pictures of her and the boys for a Father's Day gift. It was kind of fun knowing that these were for a gift and a surprise. I felt sneaky. 

Don't you love what they wore! It's so vibrant!

If you know the family... then you know this is THE perfect picture. It speaks the truth of twin boys.

This was my idea. Signs.  I love it. Not sure I sold Shelly on it, but I told her it was for my blog. Just being honest here. Then she cracked up laughing. I love friends who can be honest with each other!

Brace yourselves. The next couple of pictures will give you a good idea of what being a mother of boys is all about!!

 Now you know why mother's always have a special place in their heart for their baby boys. Always. 

Now remember...these are a SURPRISE!!! Please wait until after Sunday to tell Mike what an absolutely gorgeous, loving, full-of-life family he has, ok??

Thanks Shelly!! I hope Mike enjoys the pictures and feels extra loved on Father's Day.

Tiny little nugget.

I was finally able to meet Claire yesterday!  I had been trying to find a day that worked for me to go and see my close friends and their newest addition.

Jackie and I have been friends since college and her husband, Nick, was also a college classmate of's hard to believe in 10 years we went from this....

(celebrating Katie's bday--Jackie is on the left, Katie middle, and me on the right)

to this...
(graduate nurses!)

to this...moms and dads. 
(taking a picture for our dear friend Katie on her bday when we couldn't celebrate with her)

And, since Jackie had her fourth little one I thought I would get her a hat...doesn't she look so sweet. I could of held her all day. She was so tiny and petite.

Never made a squeak the entire time I was there. Just passed out and oblivious to all the noise of the other three wrestling. 

Seriously, what is with all my friends having babies...are they trying to torture me?? I asked Nick about another baby in our future after I got home and he laughed at me...maybe we should finish our house project first? That might be responsible, huh?

Who wants responsible though when you could have this peeking at you? Oh my, she was precious...

Meet Beth.

She is about to turn ONE!! Yes, that's right. Her FIRST birthday!! How much fun! I can still the remember the day she was born. She is exactly 1 year and 2 days younger than Landen...she was also the 5th baby born in our department at the hospital where I work, Landen was the first...THAT'S 5 babies in ONE year and TWO days! Crazy!

Funny story about how I was asked to take these pictures...Heather, Beth's mommy, has 3 friends (all nurses,too) that all are photographers. Kathy did the newborn shots, Stef did the six month shots, and I got to do the one year!!

She was constantly on the move while we were trying to get her pictures. She was so happy to be outside and explore she wanted nothing to do with the crazy lady and her camera.

I am going to show you a bunch of up close shots...not that I didn't get a ton of others, but seriously look at her eyes! They are gorgeous!

We may or may not have teased her with some Gold Fish for this shot...

Little Beth FINALLY has four teeth! I remember talking with Heather when Beth was only 4 months old and wondering if she was teething...we wondered for about another 6 months...then they all came at once!

I love this little outfit. It's just precious.

Oh my, she is adorable. Especially in her cake dress. You all know how I feel about little girls...I won't even say it. 

I had a ton of fun Heather with you and Beth out at Alden's place. Thanks for letting me be a part of her first year memories and for being such an awesome friend! See you at work tomorrow ☺