Briley {3 months}

Briley is 3 months old!
Isn't she a cutie?

I LOVE this flower on her head!

I don't think she was feeling well this particular evening.
She just wanted to be held.
And kept giving me the funniest looks ☺

She just couldn't figure out what I was doing...
she was all seriousness.

Then I heard on the way home she smiled the whole way.
Little stinker ☺

Ryan and Aubrey.

Ryan {a.k.a. my baby brother} asked me to grab a few photos of
him and his girlfriend, Aubrey, today.
They make a cute couple, don't you think?
I was happy to oblige.

Ryan's little girl, Adelyn, also celebrated her 4th birthday this week.
They don't look anything alike, do they?

I stayed up and edited these just for you Ryan! ☺

Hudson {3 months}

Remember Hudson?
Little Hudson is growing FAST!
Already 3 months old...
and cuter than cute.
Since the weather has been so nice we decided to take the pictures outside.
He did great, but was way more interested in the trees than me ☺
He was concentrating and soaking it all in.

Thanks Nate and Carlene!
I really enjoyed getting to hold him again!

{Senior 2012} Courtney.

(Part 2)

I loved how these turned out!
You can tell you have a love for sports.
Especially, softball ☺

A special thanks to Courtney's dad, Eddie, for helping clean up the field!
We couldn't of done it without you!


Sage just turned one!
And I must say she is SUCH a doll!!
Did I ever want to keep her ☺

Sage, someday those big brown eyes are gonna break a few hearts...

Happy FIRST Birthday!!

{Senior 2012} Courtney.

(Part 1)

I had so much fun taking these pictures.
It really was more like a girls day out than work.
Courtney and her mom were so fun!
And I have to give Courtney a ton of credit for allowing me to think
outside the box and get some fun senior pictures.
She never once questioned me ☺
And Connie, you are an awesome mom!
I loved it that you were just as excited for her pictures as she was.