I have been taking Maddox's pictures every three months since he was born. 
He is 9 months already!
And looking cuter than ever.

Look at his little mohawk!

If there is an award for the most kissable
cheeks...he definitely has that one in the bag.

He is seriously one of the 
I am not exaggerating here people.
I can't wait for his 1st birthday pictures!


Dear Penner family,
First, I must tell you that you have an amazing family! Secondly, I enjoyed every moment out at the farm taking pictures and visiting. So much fun! It is very evident, after spending time editing your memories, that the love in this family is over-flowing. I still can't believe that starting out with 3 little girls has ended you up with an additional 6 boys to your family! And it's a beautiful family. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

P.S. Stuart and Lynette, I hope you can forgive me for posting the oh-so-sweet, too-cute, too-much-love-to-handle-not-to-post picture of you guys. It was one of my absolute favorites!



Alright, I don't know what it is about this kid...
BUT he is the cutest thing ever too me!
He has the cutest cheeks...
that must be it!
Surely, it is...
or the eyes!
or his million and one adorable facial expressions....
That's it!
All of the above!

Ok, ok...on with the pictures....
Beckett is ONE!

Don't let the two balloons fool you...
he is really only one, ha!
The rest of the balloons popped...darn it!

Oh Beckett!
I have so many pictures left to edit and I'm not sure I
can take any.more.cuteness!
Love it.

Gracelyn and Jemma.

This last Friday I was asked to take pictures
of these two absolutely adorable little girls.
They also happen to be our neighbors ☺
It's SO much fun for me to get to do the "girly thing" for a change.

Meet Jemma.
She is turning ONE!
Isn't she precious!??!

Her big sister, Gracelyn, also just celebrated a birthday...THREE!
I have always thought to myself what a gorgeous little girl.

I think Jemma is proving to be the ornery one of the two.

One of my favorite of Gracelyn.

And this picture is also another favorite of mine.
The sun couldn't have popped out of the clouds at a better moment.

Thank you so much Brad and Malinda!
I had a great time with your family!
And if you ever need to drop those two girls off sometime...
you know where I live! ☺


I have had the priviledge of getting to watch these kids grow over the last two years.
They just celebrated their 2nd birthday in April!
They are just so stinkin' adorable.
And busy.
It took 4 adults, an 8 year old, and bubbles to get this picture.

Joe and Kora also just became a big brother and sister.
Meet Grace.
Nearly 2 weeks olds.

You never would of guessed that she spent two
hours looking at us instead of sleeping!
Isn't she a doll?

Joe, you get me every time with those big brown eyes.

Makes my heart melt!

And little Kora is beautiful.

And so precious.

But this picture is a true record of their relationship and personalities.
And I bet their mom and dad will too one day...
when they are grown. ☺

Who doesn't like to eat a little dandelion?

I think it's safe to say that Justin and Joli
have their hands full...
but have an absolutely amazing family!
I love these kids!