Full Moon

Did you happen to see the full moon last night? It was beautiful!

The kids and I headed out to the new house at about 5:30 yesterday evening to check on Nick (he needs checking up on every now and then) and the moon was gorgeous. The sun was just setting and the moon rising at the same time.

After we came out of the house it wasn't pitch black as usual. There was a soft light everywhere. A good thing when you are scared of the coyotes howling just behind the house in field! This was the first time I have ever heard them while out at the house...not sure how I will do at night if I'm out there by myself with the kids. I will probably have to turn the TV up really loud or just call Nick home :)

Meet Britton

She is just 2 weeks old.

The most precious little thing ever.

I wanted to keep her.

And kiss these feet.

And even console this cry.

I have baby fever (bad)....I should NOT have subjected myself to this type of torment.
She is so tiny and delicate.

Look at these creases. I'm in love and she's not even mine.

I'm sure this is what she looks like all night. At least 8 hours.

Thank you Matt and Haley for inviting me into your home to take these pictures. She is beautiful.

And as you might have guessed, the adorable knitted hat and pod baby Britton is snuggled in is from
A Little Knitting

Sharing again...

Another PW photography assignment! This week her assignment was for pictures with a shallow depth of field. I love experimenting with the aperture on my camera. Opening up the aperture on your camera can make for some really neat photos with great blurry backgrounds.

Many of you may recognize this picture. It was one I took back in December of wee one, Briggs. He has the cutest little feet, just look at all those creases. I love baby feet. They are so chubby, soft, and smooth with just the cutest little wrinkles.

If you would like to checkout all the rest of the great photo entries look for them here :) Flickr

Friends, Memorial Bullride, and Nate.

Two Saturdays ago, we made the trip to Manhattan for two things: to see our dear friends the Kilgore's and to watch the Brett Cushenbery Memorial Bullride.

For those of you who don't know, Brett and Nick used to work together and became quite close. Especially, when Nick owned his own business and it was just him and Brett most days. Brett passed away in October of 2003 during a bullride he was participating in. This was really one of the first death experiences Nick or I had had as adults that touched so close to home. It hit us pretty hard to say the least. Nick tries to attend the Memorial Bullride every year, as for me, this was my first time going and bringing the boys. It was awesome...why hadn't I gone before??

Nate was super pumped. He loves cowboys, rodeos, bullriding, and everything else in between. He was dressed for the occasion and a little upset with me for not wearing MY boots, but what could I do...K-State was playing KU that day in Manhattan and I felt it necessary to wear my tennis shoes while I showed my team spirit...

I was a little worried about Landen and how he would do being up this late and NOT being able to sit still, but that really wasn't the case at all. He did great!

Nate had his eyes glued on the bulls and cowboys the whole time...he was taking it all in. He kept saying, " I want to do this when I grow up!" YIKES! I think my eyes were like saucers, but told him he would be great at it...he has few years to change his mind...or vice versa.

This is AJ. One of Brett's bestfriends. It was HIS idea for the Memorial Bullride and he organizes everything each year. How awesome is that? To have a friend care for you that much he would do something so great in your honor. The horse without a rider symbolizes Brett's absence...I cried.
When the flag came around the arena I didn't even have to tell Nate to take his hat off...he did it all by himself and put it over his heart like all the other cowboys. So cute.
This is Brett's mom, Yvonne. I love her. I used to work with her at the hospital and she is just one of the sweetest people I know. She sings the National Anthem at every memorial.
Let the bullriding begin! You can honestly feel the excitement and anticipation in the air after a very heartfelt moment.

This bull was one of the meanest old things...he even chased the horses.
Can you even imagine how hard it would be to stay on one of those things?!
HOLY buckets!! How do I tell Nate without discouraging him that he will NEVER be aloud to do this?!

We did end up having to get Landen a snack to keep him occupied...

This was a two handed job. He acted like he was starving...well, he probably was since he refused to eat a fabulous supper that the Kilgore's made for us all because he just a bit too excited to be there.
Nate couldn't get enough of the action...he had to get closer.

His mini me was soon to follow...

Oh my lands, that is a long ways down to fall...

This appears to be safer...Nate can run fast. How about a clown Nate?

Yep, I don't think so Nate. You will have to sedate me...end of discussion.