baby bigs

baby bigs. no,that's not really his name. it's briggs (i love this name!), but his little cousin quinlyn calls him baby bigs. it's SO cute to hear her say! it's one of those nicknames that is going to stick! and of course, baby briggs is one of the cutest babies ever! he is just getting to that stage of chunkiness with fat little legs, no neck, creases in the wrists and precious....i better stop, almost makes me want another one! briggs just turned 3 months old...and so we tried to capture a few memories for mom and dad this week.

i was extremely happy to be asked to take these pictures. i have a hard time believing someone would trust me to preserve memories of their little one in such a way! pictures are a BIG deal to me...i have thousands of pictures of my babies! NO joke! so, needless to say, i felt very honored. thanks, mariah!

The Skaer twins!

I had the privilege of being asked to take more pictures of these cute twins! It was SO much fun and they kept me busy! They each have individual personalities and each had a different idea of how they should pose for the pictures. We had so many great ideas, by the end of the shoot all they wanted were their bottles and a good nap.

They were so fascinated by the shoes!

We also thought we would sneak in a few more pictures of all 5 Verbeck cousins together! Aren't they just the cutest kids?! And you gotta LOVE those hats!