Skaer Family.

Last Sunday it was gorgeous outside!!
I met up with the Skaer family (and a few others, who posts are to come yet!)
to get some great fall pictures!
I think we accomplished just that.

You have seen Joe, Kora, and Gracie on this blog before...
I have been taking there pictures for nearly two years now!
Oh how I love watching them grow!

Hat by A Little Knitting

Joe looks really excited to be getting his picture taken ☺

Pumpkins from Serenity Gardens

Beautiful family!

Thank you so much Justin and Joli!!
I just love watching your family grow!


  1. Fall is such a great time for pictures... I love that one where the little girl is trying to pick up that ginormous pumpkin!

  2. I love that church (or at least it looks like it) in the background of that last family photo..adds to the feeling of the photo!

  3. Great pictures in the fall, the leaves, the pumpkins....perfect!